VPS Guide for MT4 | Free Download VPS Guide For MetaTrader

This guide aims to help you configure a Windows Virtual Private Server(VPS) for the purpose of running a MT4 trading platform.

Where possible, I'll try not to use too much technical jargon to explain how things are done.

But being a technical document, it's hard not to be a bit technical at times.

In this guide, I'll tell you what you need to know to :

1. purchase a suitable Windows VPS for running MT4.

2. set up a shortcut to access your VPS in console mode.

3. ect.... for more please Download VPS Guide for MT4 below

Free Download VPS Guide for MetaTrader

Free Download VPS Guide for MT4


Donwload Free Zig Zag Exper Advisor Full Version by Eful Forexindo

Hai friends.. one again Free Expert Advisor just I find it.
Basically on Zig Zag indi, that's indicate high and low price.
This EA manage account from 10,000 to 25,000 in 2 month.

You can Download Free Exper Advisor here in .mq4 and .ex4 format.

Here some performance of this EA :

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Forexindo Metro-Smart EA just another lucky by Metropolis

Hi all, I just wanna share some info about free expert advisor. This call Metro-Smart EA. This made by Metropolis from Forexindo. This is some backtest

You can download this Free expert Advisor for free.

This EA has improve by the developer.

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Donwload Free Capital Market Expeert Advisor Full Version by Felicadmaja Forexindo

Capital Market is name of this Expert Advisor.
Developed by Felicadmaja in Forexindo forum.
Basically on martiangle system, look at picture below
and he simulate to make 1 billion dollar from 1 million dollar in 3 month.

Okey, the picture below is result test in April 2009.

Download Free Expert Advisor and test result in 6 month below :

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Get The Phoenix Forex Expert Advisor For Free Here

It is the Phoenix EA. This Expert Advisor making over 9000 USD profit in a 3 months time.

Many times throughout the contest it was in top 3!

The EA is designed to run on USDJPY 15 minutes chart.

Free Donwload Forex Trading Automatic System

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The Winner of the Automated Forex Trading Expert Advisor Championship 2008

Hi guys.. I just inform you about the best Forex EA from the Automated Trading Championship 2008.
The First Place was taken by Kiril Kartuniv from Bulgaria. His Expert Advisor executed only 27 trades, but for 3 months managed to increase the deposit till 170 thousand dollars.
Here the report of this EA :

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Download Get Free Phoenix Expert Advisor The 3 Top EA in Automatic Trading Championship 2006

Here part off Phoenix Expert Advisor,
the Top 3 of Automatic Trading Championship 2006.

For complete EA, download for free link bellow.

#define MAGICMA 20050610

extern double Lots = 1;
extern double MaximumRisk = 0.3;
extern double DecreaseFactor = 1;
extern bool PrefSettings = true;

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Best Expert Advisor Trading - Automated Forex Trading – Metatrader

Need to grow your equity.
Need a system that works.
Need strict management rules and trading plan.
I have been a forex trader for eight years. I create my own trading systems, run a managed funds program and teach people how to trade. This website presents my methodology, trading systems and commercially available expert advisors.
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MetaQuotes Language 4 - MQL4

MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL 4) is a new built-in language for programming trading strategies. This language allows the creation of your own Expert Advisors that render the trade process management automatic and are perfectly suitable for implementing your own trade strategies. You can create your own Custom Indicators, Scripts and Libraries of functions with the help of MQL 4, as well.

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Free Profitable Martiangel Expert Advisor Stochastic

Hai all please try this free expert advsisor..This Ea is basically Martiangel System..This EA based on Stochastic Indie..Posisiton will close if stochastic Line cross with Stochastis Signal...Good with news...
PLease this demo version..
Download this EA free..Download Free Profitable Martiangel Expert Advisor...
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